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Lewis Hamilton won the Australian Grand Prix with ease, his victory never in doubt, he dominated the Grand Prix defending his world title easy.

in the last seven races stretching back into last season.

Under the blue skies of Melbourne in front of a capacity crowd at Albert Park the season started in dramatic style as the field lost three cars before the start.

He got away cleanly and, besides his single pit stop, led throughout. It was like watching a genius at work, with his sure-footed driving in a Mercedes machine of such perfection.

Rosberg was second, with Sebastian Vettel third on his Ferrari debut beating Williams’s Felipe Massa.
To the surprise of many, Arnold Schwarzenegger conducted the podium interview, which caught Hamilton off guard as he said: “Hey man! Wow!” when he saw the Hollywood star.

After Arnold presented Hamilton with his trophy, Hamilton said: “My team did an amazing job today and it’s an incredible feeling to win and also to be here with you, man. I thought you were taller!”

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