Football Stadiums Global Competition 2022

Aug 2, 2022 | Football, Global Competition 2022

If you have already bought your tickets for the Global Competition in Qatar you can expect to be dazzled by the Iconic Football stadiums.

Not only that ……..

You will discover an entire new city that will host the final match, which includes over 100 new hotels, a new metro and roads.

Not just one or two stadiums but seven stadiums, plus 1 that will be renovated especially for the tournament, making a total of 8 stadiums!

The designs and thought for detail has resulted in nothing short of spectacular for the eyes to behold, an icon that will go down in the history of football stadiums.

 Let’s kick off with…………..

My personal favorite, the Doha Port Stadium

It can seat around 45,000 people and is situated on an artificial peninsula surrounded by water in the Persian Gulf.

Stay Cool

Using ‘Green Technology’ the stadium uses water as its primary energy source.  The flow of water is also used to cool the outer part of the building creating a natural cooling system.  With temperatures that can reach 40F – 50F in summer this undoubtedly will become one of the most desired stadiums for sporting events.

Sports City Stadium

This stadium has an expected capacity of 47,560

Traditional Arab tents is the theme and design and will probably be the most advanced sport’s stadium on the face of the planet.

No expense has been spared here, it has  a retractable roof including a partially retractable pitch and retractable stands.  This will make it the best football pitch ever. According to the Qatar’s bidding committee, the stadiums innovative features will make it an ideal venue for football matches, but also concerts,

Not only concerts but also:

You will be able to attend theatre performances and non-football related athletic events, once the Global Competition 2022 is over.


The Al-Khor Stadium

This stunning stadium offers you views of the Persian Gulf.

Designed as a seashell it will have a seating capacity of 45,3330


The Al-Rayyan Stadium

Expected capacity 44,740

This stadium is an icon and is hailed as one of the most revolutionary of the stadiums being built in Qatar for the Global Competition 2022.

It will display advertisements, match updates and live scores.


You will be able to watch a game outside of the stadium together with live match replays.  The unique features are expected to attract a lot of fans.


Khalifa International Stadium

After undergoing renovations it will have an expected capacity: 68,030, currently it has a capacity of around 40,000

On the eastern side of the stadium there is a huge platform where you can watch fireworks.  Recently it hosted a Brazil-Argentina friendly match and last year hosted the Brazil-England match.

Now that you have some idea of the absolutely visually stunning stadiums, I am sure you will agree that, not only are they state of the art in innovation and

architecture but an incredible feat in engineering.

Last but not least ……………

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