Global Competition 2022 Qatar LGBT Controversy

Aug 28, 2022 | Football, Global Competition 2022

With the Global Competition 2022 in Qatar just months away, LGBT controversy amongst the community is still an issue.

The Global Competition 2022 Qatar organizing committee says that LGBT fans will not face discrimination during the tournament.

Global Competition 2022

Moreover, for the Global Competition 2022 the Executive Director of Communications for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy of the tournament, Fatma Al- Nuaimi said that regardless of background, religion or gender everyone is welcome.

This statement comes under the background of Qatar’s stance of homosexual activity which is punishable with a jail sentence and even in some circumstances death.

Global Competition 2022 and LGBT Controversy rages on with some fans not so sure………..

President of Pride Football Australia, Mr. Cardall said that it is disgraceful, that countries like Russia and Qatar have been awarded consecutive editions of the tournament.

Opinions of the LGBTIQ+ community are dire and poor.  He said that it is hypocritical considering they brand football as a global game.

Mr. Cardall has no interest in attending the Global Competition 2022 in Qatar.

pre-marital sex allegedly being banned in Qatar,

The Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar is where the Australian Socceroos will play their Global Competition group matches.


LGBT football fans in Wales are also making their voices heard and vow to boycott the tournament in Qatar.

Is it safe?

The official for the Wales LGBTQ+ supporters’ group, Tracy Brown said that there were many supporters who believe that it is not safe to travel to the Global Competition 2022 in Qatar.

Journalist, David Harding who worked in Qatar for a few years as International editor for the Independent newspaper said that those who are planning to go to the Global Competition need to be prepared for a very different experience.

Qatar is a very strict, religious and conservative country and people will have to modify their behavior.

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Last but not least …………

First football organization-ranked referee in football history to come out

Not only, but also 41 year old, openly gay Brazilian football organization official and referee Igor Benevenuto believes that many would be surprised at who in the industry are homosexual.

He believes that gay or bisexual footballers make up 40% and is much more widespread than previously thought.  In an interview with Der Spiegel a German magazine he said that 30 to 40% of officials, players, managers and referees are homosexual or bisexual.

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