Global Competition 2022 Trial test flops miserably

Sep 17, 2022 | Football, Global Competition 2022

Qatar hosted their first trial test at the Lusail Stadium which flopped miserably.

A trial test at the flagship Lusail Stadium last Friday in a match between Al Hilal of the Saudi Professional League and Zamalek of the Egyptian Premier League flopped miserably.

The brand new stadium which reportedly cost $767 million to build with a capacity of 80,000 saw logistical problems, 78,000 fans faced long lines and lack of drinking water.

On the 15 December 2018 designs for Lusal Stadium were unveiled for the Qatar 2022 Global Competition

Furthermore ………..

Lusail Stadium, designed as the flagship of the eight Global Competition stadiums will host the final match on December 18th.

77,575 fans stood in temperatures souring to 34 Celsius (93 Fahrenheit) which felt far hotter because of the humidity.  Fans complained of the lack of hydration stations and bathrooms, as well as poor air conditioning and long public transportation lines.

The Lusail Stadium was designed with a special state-of-the-art cooling system,

Qatar promised advanced air-conditioning technology that would cool stadiums, training pitches and fan zones to 23C, but Friday’s trial test match failed miserably.  At half time the stadium stands were standing out of the water as temperatures soared to 34 degrees.


Hundreds of Saudi fans including children and families arrived early for the performance of Egyptian singer Amr Diab performance  wearing the blue jersey of Al Hilal, the Saudi team which beat Egypt’s Zamalek on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

It should be noted that………

following the match the negative reviews started pouring in, one fan who lives in Qatar said that he doesn’t want to go to the Global Competition anymore, not if it’s like this, such a mess.

In addition to this ……….

Another said that there was no water at all and his young son was dehydrated.

While another recounts how ambulances were driving around whilst trying to figure out where they were supposed to be, also some were given wrong directions again and again about parking passes that they had for parking lots which did not exist.

Last but not least…………………..

According to Reuters, a spokesperson for Qatar said that before the opening match of the Global Competition 2022 the issues would be resolved.

With just 2 months away from the kick-off of the first match, it seems as though the news around the Global Competition should be more on the countries participating rather than about the host country.

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