Latest whip review committee findings

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Horse Racing

The number of suspensions handed out by the BHA’s whip review committee in Britain’s horse racing has decreased in the third week since the new whip rules were fully implemented. Nine suspensions were given out, mostly for four days, and only four offenses were related to the number of strokes of the whip, with the rest for technical infringements. Champion jockey Brian Hughes received a four-day suspension for raising his arm above shoulder height.

Most whip rule offenses were committed by jockeys without a full professional license, and the number of suspensions is deemed to be similar to previous rules. No sanctions were related to Class 1 or 2 races, but this may change at the upcoming Cheltenham Festival. Two horses have been disqualified for whip rule violations since the new rules were introduced in February.

Under the old rules, there was only one recorded offense on the Flat, with jockey Jamie Spencer receiving a two-day ban for raising his arm above shoulder height. Once the bedding-in period ends on March 27, any similar infringement will result in a four-day ban.

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