Francis Ngannou signs with PFL

by | May 17, 2023 | MMA

On Tuesday morning, in an interview with ‘The New York Times,’ Francis Ngannou revealed that he signed a contract with the PFL. The former UFC heavyweight champion also had the opportunity to fulfill a long-standing wish: he now has permission to compete in boxing events.

The contract signed with the PFL stipulates that Francis Ngannou will have exclusivity only in MMA fights, thus opening up the possibility of negotiating a highly anticipated showdown against Tyson Fury, a renowned world boxing champion. In addition, the veteran assumes a prominent position in the organization.

First and foremost, he will headline the first card of the event called ‘PFL Superfighters.’ In this format, the event will not follow the traditional format of elimination tournaments, where the champion of each category receives a prize of one million dollars.PFL announced that this event will be broadcasted on pay-per-view on the DAZN platform, known for broadcasting important boxing matches around the world.

Furthermore, Ngannou will also assume a new role. He is now the president of PFL Africa, an organization that will promote events on the African continent with the aim of boosting the sport and discovering new talents. The financial details of the agreement between the fighter and the organization have not been disclosed.

Francis Ngannou made history in the world of MMA. At the peak of his career, the former UFC heavyweight champion declined the contract renewal offer made by the organization before his last fight against Ciryl Gane, opting to seek a more advantageous contract.


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