NBA: LeBron and Bronny playing for the Hawks?

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Basketball

LeBron James has already achieved nearly all possible accomplishments in his NBA career. However, before retiring, there is one achievement missing for the all-time leading scorer: playing alongside his son. Bronny James is expected to enter the 2024 Draft, and the Lakers’ superstar has never hidden his desire to play together with him. On Tuesday, ESPN released a simulation of the next season’s Draft, placing the son of one of the greatest athletes in sports history as the 17th pick, destined for the Atlanta Hawks. If this projection proves to be true, it seems that Bronny will come as an added bonus with the selection.

At 18 years old, Bronny James will become eligible for the 2024 Draft, while LeBron James will likely continue his collegiate path until then. The NBA’s leading scorer dreams of sharing the same team with his son, which would be an unprecedented feat in the league’s history. There has never been a father and son playing together for the same franchise in the NBA. This possibility would bring an exciting and historic element to professional basketball.

While highly unlikely, it has already happened in other professional sports in the United States. A notable example occurred in 1990 in baseball when Ken Griffey Sr. had the opportunity to play alongside his son, Ken Griffey Jr., for the Seattle Mariners, a team in Major League Baseball (MLB). This experience was a unique and memorable privilege for both players and represents a special achievement in the history of the sport.

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