Elon Musk trains with a jiu-jitsu black belt

by | Jul 3, 2023 | MMA

It seems that billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are seriously considering the possibility of facing each other in a fight, something that seemed unlikely until now. After accepting training from former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, Musk showcased some of his martial arts skills to Lex Fridman, a scientist, podcaster, and black belt in jiu-jitsu.

It appears that the Twitter founder impressed Fridman. Through his official social media account, Elon Musk, the black belt, praised the fighting abilities of the South African entrepreneur, both in boxing and grappling.

Fridman, who has also trained with Zuckerberg, made it clear that he would prefer the speculation about the fight between the billionaires to remain just speculation. However, he supported the decision of both, whatever it may be.

“I had an impromptu training session with Elon Musk for a few hours yesterday. I was extremely impressed with his strength, power, and skills, both standing and on the ground. It was epic. It’s truly inspiring to see Elon and Mark practicing martial arts, but I believe the world would be better served if they trained martial arts without actually fighting in the cage. That being said, as Elon says, the most entertaining outcome is the most likely… I’m here for them, no matter what happens,” wrote Lex Fridman.

At 51 years old, Elon Musk would have a disadvantage in terms of age, being over ten years older than Mark Zuckerberg. However, the South African has a significant advantage in terms of height and weight. On the other hand, the Facebook creator is considered the favorite in betting markets due to his greater experience in martial arts, including competitions in jiu-jitsu. The speculation about the fight has sparked the interest of the UFC president, who has already offered to promote the showdown.

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