Frankie Dettori about the position of player-manager for The East team

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Horse Racing

Frankie Dettori is embracing the excitement of the Racing League, fully aware of its unpredictable nature, as he gears up to become the competition’s inaugural player-manager. Having previously ridden for the triumphant Wales and The West team in the previous season, delighting the spectators at Lingfield and Newcastle with his winning performances, he is now prepared for a fresh challenge in 2023. Taking on the new role, he will be joining The East squad for the upcoming multi-team event, which is set to kick off at Yarmouth on Thursday.

In addition to donning the yellow silks of The East as one of their jockeys, Frankie Dettori, at 52 years old, has embraced the challenge of managing the team. His goal is to lead The East to victory in the Racing League, aiming to secure the prestigious trophy for the second consecutive year.

“Obviously being manager is a big responsibility,” said Dettori. “For sure I will be at the first and last one and even though I’m probably not going to ride at all of them, I still have the responsibility of being a manager and doing the best for my team.

Dettori is eager to leave a strong impression right from the start as The East competes on their home turf during the inaugural visit of the Racing League to Yarmouth. He expresses that the thrilling aspect of the six-week competition lies in its highly competitive nature and the element of surprise brought by the unknown variables. This excitement not only grips the participants but also captivates the spectators watching the action unfold.

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