Brighton reject Chelsea’s £80m bid for Caicedo

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Football

Brighton has turned down another, higher bid from Chelsea for midfielder Moises Caicedo, this time valued at £80 million. The Seagulls had previously rejected a £70 million offer from Chelsea for the player, as they believe his true worth lies around £100 million.

According to information from Sky Sports News, Brighton rates Moises Caicedo’s value on par with Arsenal’s record-signing, Declan Rice, and they aim to secure around £100 million for his transfer. Chelsea had reportedly received positive signals that the 21-year-old midfielder would be open to joining them if an agreement could be reached between the two clubs. The discussions between the clubs, however, are currently not ongoing, and there are no active negotiations taking place at the moment.

Chelsea is currently at a crossroads and are deliberating on two options. One option is to make an improved offer in an attempt to secure the player’s transfer from Brighton. The other option is to shift their focus to other potential targets if they believe reaching an agreement with Brighton is unlikely. The decision lies in whether Chelsea sees Caicedo as a crucial addition to their squad and if they are willing to meet Brighton’s valuation for the player.

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