Praggnanandhaa Triumphs in Chess World Cup Semifinal Tiebreak

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Chess

In the Chess World Cup 2023 Semifinal Tiebreak Live match, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa from India emerged victorious over American grandmaster Fabiano Caruana, securing his place in the final of the FIDE World Cup. The series of matches included two classical games over the weekend, followed by two rapid games on Monday, all of which ended in draws. However, Praggnanandhaa managed to overcome Caruana in the third tiebreak game, taking a significant step towards the final. He then solidified his advancement by defeating Caruana in the final tiebreak game, earning a spot in the ultimate showdown against Magnus Carlsen.

Praggnanandhaa beats Caruana at Chess World Cup!

This achievement marks a significant milestone as Praggnanandhaa becomes the first Indian since Viswanathan Anand to reach the semifinals of the FIDE World Cup. The 18-year-old Indian player previously secured his place in the semifinals by prevailing in a high-stakes blitz showdown against fellow countryman Arjun Erigaisi after a series of eight games failed to produce a decisive winner.

Among the four Indian participants who reached the quarterfinals, Praggnanandhaa stands as the sole remaining contender in the tournament.


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