Praggnanandhaa and Carlsen’s Intense Clash: Game 1 Ends in a Draw

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Chess

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa faced off against Magnus Carlsen in a live match during the Chess World Cup 2023 Final. The opening game of this final match ended in a tie after 35 moves. Praggnanandhaa, representing India, played as the white side and initially had a time advantage. However, he couldn’t capitalize on his position and ended up in time trouble himself towards the end of the game.

Both competitors will come back tomorrow for the second game of the final. In the semifinals, Praggnanandhaa surprised everyone by defeating Fabiano Caruana, ranked 3rd in the world, through a tie-break, securing his spot in the championship match against Carlsen at the FIDE World Cup. This achievement made Praggnanandhaa the third youngest player, following the footsteps of Bobby Fischer and Carlsen, to qualify for the Candidates tournament.

Following the match, Carlsen shared that he had experienced a difficult period in Baku due to a case of food poisoning after his victory over Nijat Abasov in the semifinals.

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