USA Secures Semifinal Spot in Basketball World Cup

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Basketball

The USA secured their spot in the semifinals of the Basketball World Cup in an impressive fashion, defeating Italy with a wide margin of 100 to 63. The American team completely dominated the game, maintaining a lead of over 35 points for a significant portion of the second half.

Mikal Bridges was the top scorer of the match, contributing with 24 points, which represented almost a quarter of the team’s total points. Additionally, Tyrese Haliburton also stood out by scoring 18 points. On the Italian side, Simone Fontecchio also recorded 18 points.

The high shooting accuracy, with the United States converting 61% of their attempts, was crucial to the game’s development. On the other hand, Italy struggled with their three-point shooting attempts, with a success rate of less than 20%. The largest lead for the USA during the game reached 39 points.

Now, the United States awaits their opponent in the semifinals, which will be determined in the matchup between Latvia and Germany. In the other bracket, Serbia has already secured their place in the semifinals by defeating Lithuania 87 to 68. The Serbian team took control of the game as early as the second quarter and maintained their lead until the end.

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