Germany Makes History as Men’s Basketball World Cup Champions

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Basketball

For the first time in history, Germany clinched the title of the Men’s Basketball World Cup, securing an undefeated victory in the final against Serbia with a score of 83-77 in Manila, Philippines. Dennis Schroder shone in the final, not only as the standout player of the game but also as the tournament’s MVP, signifying the most valuable player.

In the battle for third place, Canada surprised the United States by defeating them in overtime, keeping the continental rivals off the World Cup podium for the second consecutive tournament.

The top four teams in the World Cup secured their spots in the Paris Olympics, alongside Australia, South Sudan, and Japan. Brazil, which finished in 13th place in the competition, didn’t secure an Olympic berth but still has a chance to qualify through next year’s pre-Olympic tournament. As the host nation, France has already secured its place in the Paris Games.

The first half of the final was closely contested, with the teams taking turns leading the scoreboard. However, Germany pulled ahead in the third quarter, while Serbia struggled, managing to score only 10 points during that period. The Germans entered the final quarter with a 12-point advantage, saw the Serbians mount a comeback and narrow the gap to just two points, but they managed to prevent a turnaround, thanks to Dennis Schroder’s precise performance in the closing minutes.

Final highlights:

Dennis Schroder (Germany) – 28 points
Aleksa Avramovic (Serbia) – 21 points
Franz Wagner (Germany) – 19 points
Bogdan Bogdanovic (Serbia) – 17 points

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