Juventus Midfielder Pogba Tests Positive in Anti-Doping Scandal

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Football

French midfielder Pogba of Juventus has tested positive in an anti-doping test following the match against Udinese, which was part of the first round of the Italian Championship, according to the newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. The test revealed the presence of traces of testosterone, a prohibited substance that cannot be used without authorization.

Pogba faces the possibility of suspension for up to four years due to this result. According to information from the channel “Sport Mediaset,” he will be provisionally suspended and will have three days to request a reanalysis.

It’s important to note that Pogba did not participate in the match against Udinese, but he was still selected for the anti-doping test. The player has been dealing with physical issues for at least a year since his return to Juventus. In the current season, he has played in only two matches, none of them as a starter, totaling just 52 minutes on the field.

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