Rafael Fiziev Suffers Disappointing Injury Loss to Mateusz Gamrot at UFC Vegas 79

by | Sep 25, 2023 | MMA

Rafael Fiziev experienced a disappointing loss at UFC Vegas 79. In the main event of this Saturday (23), he faced Mateusz Gamrot in a crucial lightweight (70 kg) bout. Unfortunately, Fiziev suffered an injury in the octagon while attempting to attack and fell inside the cage. As a result, the referee declared Mateusz Gamrot the winner of the fight by technical knockout, as Fiziev was unable to continue.

This defeat marked a challenging moment in Fiziev’s UFC career. Apart from the injury, which may keep him out of the octagon for a significant period, he has now accumulated two consecutive losses, and his position in the lightweight rankings of the organization is in jeopardy, dropping to the sixth position.

On the other hand, Gamrot celebrated the victory and solidified his position in the lightweight division, establishing himself as an elite fighter. Currently, he holds the seventh position in the category’s rankings, but after defeating Fiziev, it is expected that he will climb in the next rankings update.

Regarding the fight itself, it started in a tense manner, with the fighters sizing each other up. Fiziev, a striking specialist, was the first to take action but did so cautiously. Gamrot, who excels in grappling, attempted to take down his opponent but was unsuccessful. Fiziev continued to rely on kicks while defending himself, while Gamrot attacked with kicks and punches. Towards the end of the first round, Fiziev managed to destabilize Gamrot with a powerful low kick, but Gamrot continued to seek the takedown.

In the second round, Gamrot managed to clinch with Fiziev but did not inflict significant damage. The fight returned to a standing position, and Fiziev distanced himself from Gamrot. However, when he attempted to attack, Gamrot’s elbow caught Fiziev’s foot, resulting in a knee injury. Fiziev immediately fell in the octagon, and referee Herb Dean halted the fight, declaring Mateusz Gamrot the winner by technical knockout due to Fiziev’s injury.

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