Rafael Nadal Hints at Possible Farewell at Paris Olympics

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Tennis

Rafael Nadal has given another hint about the possible end of his tennis career. The Spaniard, who has been away from the courts since the Australian Open in January due to hip surgery, mentioned that the Paris Olympics could be the moment of his farewell. It’s worth noting that the Olympic Games in Paris will take place at Roland Garros, where Nadal has already won 14 Grand Slam titles throughout his career.

Nadal emphasized that he still doesn’t have a definitive plan, but his main goal is to return to the courts and compete again. He acknowledged that he is not aiming to come back to win major titles like Roland Garros or the Australian Open since he is aware that, at the current stage of his life, those achievements are distant.

He also commented on his physical condition, stating that he is feeling better. Although he still experiences constant pain, he has managed and adapted to it over time.

Nadal mentioned that injuries have shaped his personality to some extent, but now he lives with the pain under control, and it hasn’t made him bitter. However, he humorously admitted that when facing simple difficulties, such as going down stairs at his home, it is hard to be extremely happy.

Regarding the possibility of winning another Grand Slam title and increasing his count from 22 to 23, Nadal showed himself to be realistic. He doesn’t consider it impossible because things can change rapidly in the world of sports, but he is aware of the limitations he faces, including his age and physical problems that prevent him from training at 100%. However, this doesn’t diminish his enthusiasm and passion for the game.

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