English Women’s Championship Kickoff: Record-Breaking Attendance

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Football

The English Women’s Championship kicked off this Sunday and broke a record for attendance in the competition’s history. A total of 54,115 spectators attended the Emirates Stadium to witness Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Liverpool. This attendance represented 90% of the stadium’s total capacity, which is 60,704 fans.

With this achievement, Arsenal now holds four of the five highest attendances ever recorded in the English Women’s Championship. The previous record, which occurred in a match between Arsenal and Tottenham in September of last year, was 47,367 spectators, also at the Emirates.

The strong presence of the crowd reflected the support of Arsenal’s fans following their surprising elimination in the preliminary stage of the Women’s Champions League to Paris FC, decided on penalties. However, even with the stadium filled, Arsenal once again disappointed their supporters. The winning goal for Liverpool was scored by Miriael Taylor three minutes into the second half, after receiving a low cross from Missy Kearns.

In another game with good attendance, the reigning English Women’s Championship champions, Chelsea, debuted with a 2-1 home victory over Tottenham. American newcomer Mia Fishel opened the scoring in the 28th minute of the first half. Lauren James extended the lead in the second half, while Martha Thomas scored for Tottenham.

With Brazilian player Geyse in the starting lineup, Manchester United came from behind to defeat Aston Villa 2-1, playing away from home. Rachel Daly opened the scoring in the second half, but Manchester United secured the comeback with goals from the Spanish player Lucía Garcia in the 34th minute and Rachel Williams in injury time.

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