Joe Rogan: Alexander Volkanovski Deserves Top Pound-for-Pound UFC Ranking

by | Oct 4, 2023 | MMA

At the moment, Jon Jones holds the top spot in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings. However, according to Joe Rogan, the official commentator for the organization, he believes that Alexander Volkanovski is more deserving of that position. Rogan substantiated his perspective by mentioning Volkanovski’s impressive performance in the superfight against Islam Makhachev, which took place in February in Australia, where many believed Volkanovski deserved the victory.

Volkanovski, the dominant featherweight champion (145 lbs), suffered his first loss in the UFC when he was defeated by unanimous decision against the lightweight champion (155 lbs). However, Rogan disagreed with the result and noted that part of the MMA community also considered Volkanovski the winner. On his podcast, Rogan praised ‘The Great’ and emphasized that he had a significant impact on the fight, making Makhachev suffer considerably.

Makhachev had only lost once in his MMA career, back in 2015, and that was a very quick fight. Therefore, Volkanovski moving up in weight, knocking down Makhachev, and finishing the fight in a dominant position with minimal damage after 25 minutes of combat impressed Rogan, leading him to classify Volkanovski as the best fighter in the UFC across all weight classes, debunking the idea that he didn’t deserve that title.

Rogan stated, “He’s the number one pound-for-pound ranked fighter. They don’t consider him because he lost to Makhachev. I think you could argue that he won that fight. In my opinion, he won. He caused more damage and showcased his skills. It’s also impressive that he moved up in weight to face a much bigger opponent and, at the end of the fight, was on top, beating him.” Rogan also praised Volkanovski’s knockdowns and standout moments during the fight, highlighting his exceptional ability.

Alexander Volkanovski, 35 years old, is a dominant champion in the UFC featherweight division and ranks second in the organization’s pound-for-pound rankings. He won the title in 2019 and has successfully defended it on five occasions, defeating renowned fighters like Brian Ortega, Chad Mendes, Chan Sung Jung, José Aldo, Max Holloway (three times), and Yair Rodríguez. Since entering the sport in 2012, Volkanovski boasts an impressive record of 26 wins and only two losses.

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