Dillon Brooks Ejected in Controversial Debut for Houston Rockets in NBA Preseason

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Basketball

Dillon Brooks began his journey with the Houston Rockets in a controversial manner. In his first game for the new team, the forward was ejected after just four minutes due to a flagrant foul when he made contact with the groin of Indiana Pacers’ center, Daniel Theis.

Following the game, Brooks commented, “I was trying to get around a screen. I may have hit him below the waist. However, he got up right away. I don’t know. It’s strange that whenever something like this happens to me, I’m deemed guilty. I think it’s part of my reputation.”

The clash between the Rockets and Pacers took place during the NBA preseason. Brooks is one of the recent additions to the Houston roster, along with point guard Fred VanVleet. The Canadian forward moved from the Memphis Grizzlies after being involved in a series of controversies, including taunting LeBron James.

Despite Brooks’ absence, the Houston Rockets emerged victorious against the Indiana Pacers with a score of 122-103.

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