Ángel Di María to Retire from Argentina National Team After 2024 Copa América

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Football

Ángel Di María announced on Tuesday that he plans to retire from the Argentine national team after the 2024 Copa América, which will take place in the United States from June 20 to July 14. The player, alongside Lionel Messi, plays a pivotal role in the team that won the World Cup.

Di María stated, “This is the Copa América, and it will be my last. Coming to Benfica has given me the opportunity to continue representing the national team, and I’m doing everything possible to be part of the Copa América.” He made these remarks during an interview for the “Todo Pasa” podcast.

The current world champions and reigning continental champions will compete against the ten teams from CONMEBOL and the top six teams from CONCACAF, who will qualify as invitees through the 2023/24 Nations League.

Since 2022, Di María had already hinted at his intention to bid farewell to the Argentine national team. Before becoming a world champion, he had stated that the match against Venezuela in the World Cup qualifiers would be his last game on Argentine soil for the national team.

At 35 years old, the midfielder has a total of 134 appearances for the national team, including friendlies, World Cups, Copa América, and the Olympics, and has won titles in all these competitions.

When asked about his future in professional football, the player, who currently plays for Benfica, expressed the possibility and desire to return to Rosario Central, the club where he began his career.

Di María commented, “Football is like that; it takes you. I always said I wanted to come back when I felt right. I’m at my peak, and that’s an option. I have a good relationship with Gonzalo Belloso, the president of Central.”

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