Celtics Prevail Over Knicks in Preseason Clash

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Basketball

The Boston Celtics triumphed over the Knicks on Tuesday night at the TD Garden, winning 123-110 in the second meeting between the New York City teams during the NBA preseason. In the first game, the Knicks had defeated the Celtics 114-107. Both teams are scheduled to face each other again in the regular season on the 25th.

The game began with a closely contested first quarter, but the Celtics quickly took the lead, scoring many points on fast breaks. With only one starting player, Mitchell Robinson, on the court, the Knicks showed a lack of cohesion, allowing the Celtics to dominate the game. Although the Knicks had a strong performance in three-point shooting, it wasn’t enough, and the Celtics managed to build a 27-point lead, maintaining their lead on the scoreboard until the end of the game.

The Knicks struggled to contain the dribbles and precise assists from Jrue Holiday. In the third quarter, the visiting team managed to make a comeback, scoring 28 points against the Celtics’ 22. The standout player of the game was Boston Celtics’ power forward, Jayson Tatum, who scored 28 points, grabbed eight rebounds, and provided four assists in 30 minutes of play. In the final quarter, the Celtics sealed the home victory with a 23-22 partial score.

In the NBA preseason, the Celtics secured one win and suffered one loss against the Philadelphia 76ers. Meanwhile, the Knicks will face the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, and the Celtics will conclude their preseason participation on Thursday, facing the Charlotte Hornets.

Quarter Scores:
1st Quarter: Celtics 41, Knicks 30
2nd Quarter: Celtics 37, Knicks 30
3rd Quarter: Celtics 22, Knicks 28
4th Quarter: Celtics 23, Knicks 22
Overtime: Celtics 123, Knicks 110

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