Neymar ‘s Injury Raises FIFA Compensation Questions for Al-Hilal

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Football

Neymar ‘s injury, resulting in the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, may lead his club in Saudi Arabia, Al-Hilal, to activate a FIFA mechanism that offers substantial compensation.

According to international sports law expert Eduardo Carlezzo, Al-Hilal can make use of FIFA’s Club Protection Program. This program compensates clubs when a player gets injured while representing their national team in a FIFA competition and is unable to play for more than 28 consecutive days.

Carlezzo explains that FIFA covers a maximum of one year of injury, and the compensation amount is limited to 7.5 million euros. However, this sum falls far short of Neymar’s salary at Al-Hilal. According to Forbes, the Brazilian player earns around US$112 million per season with the Saudi club. The maximum amount provided by FIFA doesn’t even cover one month of Neymar’s salary.

Neymar transferred from PSG to Al-Hilal during the last European transfer window, signing a two-year contract with the Saudi club. Before getting injured during the match against Uruguay in the World Cup qualifiers, Neymar had played only five games and scored one goal for Al-Hilal.

Eduardo Carlezzo notes that the total amount allocated annually by FIFA’s program for all clubs in case of injuries is 80 million euros.

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