Lionel Messi ‘s Impact on Inter Miami: Changes in Training and Team Interaction

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Football

The arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami brought significant changes to the routine of players who weren’t used to so much attention and the world’s scrutiny. The presence of the Argentine superstar has also impacted the team’s training sessions, as revealed by Edison Azcona, a 19-year-old player in an interview with “Infobae.” He explained that all his teammates strive to avoid causing any injury to Messi during training.

Azcona said, “Everyone understands that we’ll try not to hurt him. We try to defend, but we’re a bit more careful. We don’t let him play in the games we have among ourselves. We defend, but cautiously. Nobody goes in hard.”

The player also shared insights into more intimate moments with Messi and the team, such as when the superstar was “initiated” by his teammates, which included singing during his first trip with Inter Miami. Additionally, Azcona mentioned that he has already received advice from Messi on improving his passing control.

However, he noted that Messi doesn’t typically speak English in his daily life, while other players are trying to learn Spanish to facilitate communication. Azcona admitted that he hasn’t asked for a photo with the superstar yet but plans to do so soon. He explained that initially, he didn’t want to bother Messi when he joined the team, but now he’s considering requesting a photo.

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