NBA Announces Sponsorship Deal with Kim Kardashian’s Brand

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Basketball

The NBA has established a sponsorship partnership with Kim Kardashian’s intimate clothing brand, one of the most globally renowned celebrities. SKIMS, the new brand by the model and businesswoman, is now the official supplier of the American basketball league. In addition to sponsoring and outfitting the NBA, the brand will also take on the role of the official supplier for the WNBA and the American Basketball Confederation in the coming years.

The recently launched men’s underwear line, which includes models of boxer briefs and T-shirts, focuses on compression garments, but the businesswoman has plans to expand her offerings into the lingerie market in the future.

The agreement was sealed in New York on Monday, with the presence of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, businesswoman Kim Kardashian, and Jens Grede, the co-founder and CEO of SKIMS. The new brand was introduced to the public last week and already has endorsements from sports world stars such as Neymar Jr., Nick Bosa of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the Canadian player who competes for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder.

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