Ngannou and Wilder Tease Potential MMA Bout, Shifting the Fight Landscape

by | Nov 1, 2023 | MMA

Deontay Wilder, also a renowned former world boxing champion. The boxing star might very well be the next challenger for Ngannou, but the venue for the bout would be surprising for fans, as it would not take place in a boxing ring but rather inside an octagon.

During an appearance on ‘The MMA Hour,’ Ngannou shared that negotiations are underway for a potential fight against Wilder. “The Predator,” as he is known, noted that the American boxer has been involved in MMA training and seems determined to make the transition between the two disciplines, even if it’s a temporary shift. Therefore, if this materializes, Francis anticipates that Deontay will face adaptation challenges similar to those he himself encountered when facing Tyson Fury last Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

“I think it’s an interesting idea (the MMA fight with Wilder). In fact, we’ve discussed it. It’s in discussion. So it’s something that could potentially happen. Deontay Wilder has been training in MMA for the past few months because he sees an opportunity there. While nothing is confirmed, some rumors have reached me and caught my attention. It makes sense, and he is really committed to the idea of transitioning to MMA. Deontay is showing a great interest in MMA, but it will be a tough task. It will be a completely different experience for him. Unlike in the past when I was climbing the mountain (in boxing), now he will be the one facing this challenge (in the world of MMA),” Ngannou stated.

Despite his successful debut in boxing, Francis emphasized that he does not intend to abandon MMA, the sport that made him a globally recognized figure. With a contract with the PFL, the Cameroonian giant plans to alternate between competitions in both disciplines to remain relevant in both simultaneously.

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