Charles do Bronx Ready to Return to the UFC Octagon

by | Nov 3, 2023 | MMA

Charles do Bronx is prepared to return to the octagon and compete in the UFC. The Brazilian fighter spoke to ESPN about his decision to withdraw from UFC 294, where he was scheduled for a rematch against Islam Makhachev for the championship in Abu Dhabi due to a deep cut on his eyebrow.

In the interview, Charles displayed the recent scar on his eyebrow, where he suffered the injury about 20 days prior. He emphasized his willingness to fight anywhere, mentioning that most of his fights have taken place on opponents’ turf. He expressed his readiness and happiness to get back into the octagon despite the previous setback.

Following Makhachev’s knockout victory over Alexander Volkanovski, UFC President Dana White indicated that a fight with Charles do Bronx would make more sense for the Russian at this time.

Charles announced his plans to return to full-time training in the following week and intends to resume fighting in the early next year. He also suggested the possibility of facing Justin Gaethje for an interim title if Makhachev decides to move up a weight class. He mentioned that Makhachev observes Ramadan, which falls between March and April 2024, and this could affect his fight schedule.

Do Bronx explained that while his primary goal is to capture the championship, he also values activity and fight frequency. He does not believe that Makhachev will defend the title in Brazil but emphasized that the location is not the most important factor for him; it’s the championship that matters.

He also mentioned that the showdown with Justin Gaethje will only happen if it’s for an interim title or if the UFC plans something extraordinary. In the end, Charles is focused on staying in shape and awaiting decisions from the organization and his management team, including Diego Sanchez.

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