Logan Paul Signals Boxing Farewell and Embraces Pro Wrestling

by | Nov 15, 2023 | MMA

It seems that Logan Paul has given indications of bidding farewell to boxing after defeating Dillon Danis by disqualification in October this year. In a recent interview with Fox Business, the YouTuber suggested that he is about to conclude his career in the noble art and focus on his journey in pro wrestling, where he has achieved notable success since his debut.

The decision seems logical, considering that in boxing, Logan had four fights – one as an amateur, two as a professional, and an exhibition match against the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather – winning only once. In contrast, since his start in professional wrestling, the YouTuber has gained attention and secured his first title in the WWE (American pro wrestling league) on November 4th, defeating the experienced Rey Mysterio.

“I think I’ve retired from boxing. I believe I’ve done enough in this sport, undefeated at 25-0. So, yes, I’m going to be a wrestler now. Yes, there is no more money in boxing, all the companies are going bankrupt. Full-time wrestler. I beat Rey Mysterio, honestly for the United States title. It feels great; life seems different now. I feel good,” said Logan, exaggerating his boxing record.

If he has indeed ended his boxing career, Logan Paul’s journey includes a victory over Dillon Danis and a loss to fellow YouTuber KSI as a professional. As an amateur, he faced KSI in a bout that ended in a draw. The exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather, contested over eight rounds, had no scoring or declared winner.

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