Conor McGregor Eyes UFC 300 Comeback Despite Coach’s Contradictions

by | Nov 16, 2023 | MMA

Conor McGregor challenged his coach John Kavanagh’s instructions, confirming his intention to return to the octagon at UFC 300. Although the date and location of the event are not yet determined, there are expectations that it will take place in April 2024.

When asked by a follower on social media about his presence at UFC 300, McGregor responded with a simple “in.” However, in an interview on The MMA Hour, Kavanagh contradicted expectations by stating that McGregor will postpone his comeback to the second half, possibly in July, instead of April.

Kavanagh expressed his hope that Michael Chandler would be confirmed as McGregor’s next opponent. The coach noted that despite the initial prediction for a return in April, it now seems that the fight will happen in the summer.

McGregor, the former UFC champion, has already begun drug testing with USADA in October, making him eligible to compete from April 2024. Kavanagh commented on the change of plans, saying that while the initial expectation was April, they are now aiming for July. Despite the delay, he emphasized that McGregor is enjoying his training, and they will remain focused on the process. In McGregor’s last fight, he was defeated by technical knockout by Dustin Poirier after fracturing his leg during UFC 264 in Las Vegas, United States, in July 2021.

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