Norway Excluded from Euro 2024: Haaland and Ödegaard’s Talents Not Enough for Qualification

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Football

Norway, led by the talented Erling Haaland of Manchester City and Ödegaard of Arsenal, will not have the opportunity to compete in Euro 2024, hosted in Germany. Even by resorting to the playoffs, as established by UEFA regulations, the Nordic team has no chance of qualification.

Norway is excluded from the playoffs, reserved for the best-placed teams in the last edition of the Nations League (2022/23). Currently in third place in Group A of the qualifiers, the team is behind Spain and Scotland, both of which have secured their spots in the European tournament.

Ranked as the fourth-best second-placed team in League B of the Nations League, the team of Haaland and Ödegaard no longer has a chance to be among the four teams participating in the playoffs. These teams include Israel, Bosnia, and two among Finland, Iceland, and Ukraine. The Ukrainians can still qualify directly if they defeat Italy in Monday’s match.

Deprived of Haaland, who is injured, Norway concludes its participation in Group A of the Euro qualifiers this Sunday, facing Scotland at Hampden Park. It’s worth noting that Norway has not participated in an international competition since Euro 2000.

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